01 / "QUICK"

For many, environmentalism begins with the recycling symbol and ends at the recycling bin. The simple act of throwing something away into a large box marked with a recycling sign is enough to make some of us feel like we’ve done our part.

02 / "EASY"

The magic of the recycling bin makes purchasing and using plastic products a little more guilt-free.


However, recycling is a lot more

complicated. It’s a system dictated by market demand. Price determinations. Local regulations. The success of which is contingent upon everyone, including the trash thrower. 

03 / "GOOD"

Depending on how we use our products and in what shape we throw them away, determines their value and quality post-use. Think about it.


Recycled goods have to compete with new products in the market; who wants to buy something of lower quality?

We need transparency to a system inseparable from our very existence, but whose visibility often starts and stops at the trash can.




#WeRise is a visual and product reaction in support of activist groups like Surfer's Against Plastic, Greenpeace and Extinct Rebellion. Dedicated to the movement against climate change, with a particular interest in the plastic epidemic. WeRise believes in two actions of power: 1. Movement Activism and 2. Innovation, Production and Self-Accountability.


We believe in movement activism,

through Marches, Rallies and petitions. They're the starting points and the

catalyst which (as history shows) work

in changing Laws and Policies. We believe that if "it can't be reduced, reused,

repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or

removed from production." - Pete Seeger. 


Our 2nd action to promote change

is innovation, production and

self-accountability. There're so

many companies creating new

materials but because of lack of

demand, recognition or government policies, they're not becoming mainstream. As consumers, we have

so much power to change the world

by just being careful in what we buy.

Or in creating things ourselves.  



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